The Trade Register Singapore

Register Your Company / Business

  • To help Singapore Companies by making your business accessible to Government Departments, other Singapore companies and the general public
  • To help restore confidence in the consumer by teaching them to look for this logo and put them in touch with TRS members
  • Assist other trades and the general public to easily acess you specialized service
  • To help increase your work volume
  • To lift you business profile
  • Simplify your purchasing acess.

There are two main ways that your business can be contacted:

  1. By accessing, public sectors and other trades can contact your trade expertise by telephone or email.
    You can be contacted directly by telephone throught accessing you details on the membership list.
  2. By accessing your trade through contacting the Trade Register Singapore for referral to your details.
    To make it easier for the consumer, they can contact the Trade Register Singapore and we will advise our relevant members about the company.


Every Company can be a member of the Trade Register Singapore and be searchable in the World Wide Web.

Every registered company will get their certifcation upon successfully registered.